Category: F Series

PT Sano Medika Indonesia

F338a Manual four crank turn-over bed

F338a Manual four crank turn-over bed Main function: A.Back section up/down B.Knee section up/down C.Lateral turn-over Dimension: Overall length 2200mm±20mm Overall width 980mm±10mm Fixed height 530mm±10mm

F868a Multifunctional bed

F868a Multifunctional bed Main function: A. back up/down B. the knee up/down C. automatic configuration file D. the whole bed up/down E. Durham/reverse Trent. F. dorsal Size: Total length of 2210 mm ± 20 mm Overall width: 1070 mm, 10 mm Minimum height 580 mm ± 10 mm Maximum height 820 mm ± 10 mm