Ultrasound Pocket Doppler PD Series

PT Sano Medika Indonesia

Ultrasound Pocket Doppler PD Series

Technical Specifications

Physical Specifications Dimensions


34mm Depth x 89mm Width x 141mm Height

<300 g (including the battery)

Display Resolution 45mm x 25mm LCD display
Probe Nominal Frequency



Specifications Cable length Weight Sensitivity

Audio Output Power Protection Code

2.0 MHz Obstetrical Probe

3.0 MHz Obstetrical Probe

4.0 MHz Vascular Probe

8.0 MHz Vascular Probe

88mm (diameter) × 35mm (thickness)

2.5 meters 100 g

10 weeks gestation (3 MHz)

1 W

IPX8 Water Ingress, indicating this probe does not get soaked under water within 1 meter deep for five hours

FHR Performance Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy 50 bpm ~ 210 bpm

1 bpm

± 3 bpm

Recording and Playing Audio Sampling Recording Length Frequency 4KHz 240s
Control White Backlight Auto Shut down Two Brightness Adjustable: OFF, ON

1 minute after no signal or operation, auto shut down


Power Supply

Operating Voltage 100~ 240V
  Frequency 50/60 Hz
  Alkaline Battery (AA LR6 1.5 V)
  Rechargeable Battery NI-MH battery 1800 mAh ( optional )
  Nominal Voltage 2.4 VDC
  Working Time 8 hr
  Charge Time 4 hr
Environment Working Temperature +5°C ~ +40°C (+41°F ~ +104°F)
  Working Humidity 25% ~ 80% (non-condensing)
  Atmospheric Pressure 860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa
Transport Temperature -20°C ~ +55°C (-4°F ~ +131°F)
Storage Humidity 25% ~ 93% (non-condensing)
  Atmospheric Pressure 700 hPa ~1060 hPa
Safety Anti-electric Shock Type Anti-electric Shock Degree Internally powered equipment Type B equipment
Configuration Standard 2MHz Waterproof Interchangeable Probe, Carryng Case
Optional Configuration 3MHz, 4MHz, 8MHz Probe, NI-MH battery 1800 mAh Rechargeable

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